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By introducing a scheduled maintenance program on new and aging infrastructures this will help maintain maximum operational output.

We service Transmission lines, Distribution lines, Substations, Cell Towers, Solar Farms, and Wind Turbines. Keeping up with maintenance in the utility sector can be hazardous with potential shut downs being costly and time consuming. Drone inspections give way to improved safety, accuracy, and cost without any interruption to power distribution. With Primary Source Electric’s drone service program meeting NERC certification has never been easier.



Our commercial drones use high resolution digital cameras that can film in 4K video, 20 megapixel photos and Self-Calibrated Radiometric Thermal.

Services Preformed During Inspection:

  • Checking for loose pins or rivets on equipment and structure.
  • Detecting cracked, damaged, broken or missing (Pylons, poles, cross arms, conductors, insulators, ground wires, static line) or anything that looks out of the ordinary.
  • Thermal analysis and documentation of any “hot spots” or “anomalies”.
  • Close up and detailed inspection of all fittings.

Benefits of Drone Inspection:

  • Reduced risk to employees and equipment.
  • Improved or Enhanced job site safety.
  • Improved system reliability.
  • Reduced Inspections costs.
  • Expedited timeline and resolution.